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Welcome To Shamrock Drive-In


About Us

The Shamrock Drive In is an historic site that has captured the hearts of movie goers since the early 1950’s

The Drive In offers the unique experience of watching movies with friends and family, in the comfort and privacy of your own car!  It’s the perfect venue for a first, or 50th date!  New parents can bring along babies, and families can easily bring children of any age.  Even an anxious pet can relax in the car!  (Please note: pets must be leashed when outside the car, and owners must clean up after them; loud animals will be relocated: please use wisdom before bringing a pet along).

The Drive In is a night venue, which means we open at sunset and run during the dark hours.  It’s the perfect time for movies, and we are wonderfully located just minutes from town lights, in the wide open sky, under the stars!

The recently renovated concession building is fully equipped with restrooms and a canteen that offers fresh, buttered popcorn, cold and hot drinks, and everyone’s favourite candy. ***For your convenience, the concession is open throughout the evening, even double feature nights!

The Drive in has a capacity for over 150 cars in 6 well designated rows.  At the moment we have outfitted most of the first three rows with refurbished, authentic, retro Drive In speakers!  These speakers can be lifted off the stand and hung inside the car window.  We are also equipped with an FM transmitter delivering clear, crisp sound directly to your car stereo on FM dial 88.3.

In addition to the privacy of the vehicle, those in the front row can easily set up lawn chairs in front of their car and watch directly under the starry sky.  Others bring mattresses for cozy watching in truck beds!  All are enjoyable options.  

We are soon to be entering the 2024 season.  We will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each long weekend; 

Opening Weekend (yard conditions permitting!)  “MAY LONG”: May 17, 18, 19, 2024 (sunset predicted for 9:22pm, gates will open at 9:15pm)

“JULY LONG”:  June 28, 29, 30, 2024 (sunset predicted for 9:52pm, gates will open at 9:45pm).

“AUG LONG”:  Aug 2, 3, 4, 2024 (sunset predicted for 9:19pm, gates will open at 9:15pm)

Est Closing Weekend:  “SEPT LONG”: Aug 30, 31, Sept 1, 2024 (sunset predicted for 8:26pm, gates will open at 8:20pm)

Possible Bonus Weekend:  “THANKSGIVING LONG”:  Oct 11, 12, 13, 2024 (sunset predicted for 6:55pm…gates will open at 6:50pm)

We readily accept cash and Interac/debit payments via handy SQUARE readers.

****As a tip, be sure to be prepared for cooler night temperatures and for the possibility of mosquitos!  If using the car stereo, or occasionally running the car fan systems, it’s important to know how to keep headlights off while running your vehicle, and/or how to have the key turned to accessory mode only to conserve the cars battery power.  (On the off chance a battery dies, we do have a portable charger handy!)***


Hubby and I took our kids last night and it was definitely worth the drive! Such a fun family excursion. Came from Brandon and we'll be back!

Went last summer twice, awesome experience, great popcorn, super friendly staff, patiently waiting for the 2022 season to open. If your in the Killarney area definitely check out this old school drive inn movie.

Amazing retro experience!

Contact & Location

(204) 523-1827

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